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Caroline Church is a US landmark and historical place church founded in 1723.

The Reverend Canon Richard D. Visconti, D. Min., Rector

Mark LaSorsa, Sr. Vestry Warden         |          Barbara Russell, Jr. Vestry Warden


October 1, 2020

A Message from the Rector:

We have completed our third month of reinstituting our in-person worship at Caroline Church. As we re-gather, more of you have felt comfortable attending worship in our historic sanctuary. It is clear how serene and spiritually fulfilling it is worshipping together in the house of Our Lord.

We continue to maintain high standards of sanitization after every worship service. Although we are spread out, masked, and have sanitized our hands upon entering the church, it has been a truly joyful experience not only worshipping together but chatting with each other after the service, catching up on what has been going on in our lives and our loved ones. The emotional and spiritual fulfillment in coming together cannot be duplicated on-line.

The most significant modification for us this month of October is that we will be changing from praying the Evening and Morning Prayer services together to celebrating Holy Eucharist at all three-weekend services. I know many of you have been looking forward to receiving Holy Communion. Holy Communion will be distributed only under the consecrated bread.

Since our worship service times will remain approximately 30 minutes in length, we will be adjusting the Order of Service to have the distribution of Holy Communion occur at the conclusion of the service.

Every week, on Friday evening, we will continue to send an e-blast to all parishioners with attachments for our weekend Holy Eucharist services. You will continue to get the Announcement Booklet, the complete Holy Eucharist Rite 2 service on a tri-fold worship sheet, and the Lectionary Holy Scripture readings for that Sunday.

Attendance is usually light at the Saturday evening and Sunday 8:00am worship services, with plenty of space for parishioners to sit. If you don’t have children in Church School, those worship services would be best to attend. The 9:30am Sunday service is well attended and so far has enough room for all to worship comfortably. There will be no coffee hour at the end of the 9:30am Sunday service. We continue to have an in-person Healing Holy Eucharist service on Thursday at 12:00 Noon.

Our Church School program for our children and teenagers, is off to a great start. Beginning with Children’s Chapel in the MCS building at 9:30am, classes for all age groups begin at 9:30am every Sunday morning and end at 10:15am. Classes will be small, with face masks and sanitizers available for all.

We continue to make excellent progress in putting down the Coronavirus as residents of New York State, and as we re-gather as a parish family. With Our Lord’s help and guidance, we will continue our progress forward in advancing the Kingdom of God as a parish family.

Cn. Richard+



May the Holy Spirit fill your hearts to praise the Lord for all the blessings of his grace.

God has an incredible journey waiting for each of us.

Whether you are taking that first step or you are more mature in your faith, there is a place for you at Caroline Church.

We hope you will join us!




Connected and Moving Forward in our Faith

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Saturday 5pm – Evening Prayer

Sunday 8am– Morning Prayer
Sunday 9:30am- Morning Prayer with music

Thursday 12pm – Healing Holy Eucharist Service


Sunday, October 25th, 2020

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

On this bright and chilly Fall morning, we once again have before us, the Gospel of St. Matthew, who has showed us a running theme these past few weeks, of a variety of people attempting to test our Lord, or to trap Him in some way.

This behavior itself runs contrary to what Jesus was preaching; that we are to love God with our whole hearts, and our whole minds.....indeed we are to love Him with our entire beings.

The bigger challenge however is what Jesus said next; that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. Not just like them....we are to love them, because they, like us, are created in God's image and are His children as well.

I think this is an enormous challenge on a good day, but in our current social climate, it may seem near impossible as we find ourselves in almost constant conflict over either political ideologies or the latest mandates surrounding COVID 19.

But perhaps this is also an opportunity for us to grow as Christians; perhaps the next time we find ourselves confronted with a person who manages to test our patience, we can take a moment to remember today's gospel message.... that love is the greatest commandment of all.

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21st Sunday After Pentecost, October 25th, 2020

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21st Sunday After Pentecost Bulletin, October 25th, 2020

Cn. Richard+



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