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Caroline Church is a US landmark and historical place church founded in 1723.

The Reverend Canon Richard D. Visconti, D. Min., Rector

Mark LaSorsa, Sr. Vestry Warden         |          Barbara Russell, Jr. Vestry Warden


Friday, July 3, 2020


Dear Parishioners and Friends:

We are delighted to welcome you back to in-person worship services at Caroline Church beginning on Saturday, July 4 at 5pm. For your convenience, our full summer schedule of services can be found below.

Please know that the safety and well being of all who attend Caroline Church remains a top priority. We ask that you join us in this effort by adhering the following guidelines as set forth by the Diocesan Task Force and adapted for use in our buildings.

There is an expectation that you will be wearing a mask or cloth face-covering coming to church and keeping it on during the worship service. The sanctuary and handicapped-accessible restroom in the Parish House will be cleaned and sanitized after every liturgy for any necessary use.

Each pew is marked to facilitate a six feet physical distancing, and we will be only using every third pew. Prayer Books, Hymnals, pew cushions, and kneelers have been removed.

Before the weekend worship services, an e-blast will be sent out to all parishioners with the Order of Service, Announcement Booklet, and Morning Prayer service for you to view on your cell phone during the service or print out. Alternatively, if you have a personal copy of the Book of Common Prayer, you are invited to bring it with you to church to use on the weekend and take back home. Thirdly, copies of the worship service will be handed out to you by the usher for your individual use to take home with you or discarded in the waste receptacle as you leave the church.

Although an Offering Plate will be available to receive your donations and pledges, we will not be passing the plate. The weekend worship services at Caroline will be Morning or Evening Prayer (no Holy Communion) and be approximately 30 minutes in length. There will be no Coffee Hour or Juice and Cookies on the Slype after the 10am service.

Also, those who cannot attend church because of age or pre-existing conditions will continue to have the opportunity to view and pray on-line each Sunday morning beginning at 9:00 a.m. through the Vimeo link sent out to everyone.

Saturday 5pm – Evening Prayer
Sunday 8am– Morning Prayer
Sunday 10am- Morning Prayer with music
Thursday 12pm – Healing Holy Eucharist Service

Welcome Back!
Cn. Richard+



May the Holy Spirit fill your hearts to praise the Lord for all the blessings of his grace.

God has an incredible journey waiting for each of us. Whether you are taking that first step or you are more mature in your faith, there is a place for you at Caroline Church.

We hope you will join us!



Live Each Day as a Steward - Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

The 2020 Estimate Giving Pledge Card is now online.

Click on the thumbnail Pledge Card image below to go to the electronic interactive Pledge Card for the year 2020.

After opening the interactive Pledge Card, fill it out thoroughly and then click the "Submit My Pledge to the Church" button at the bottom of the interactive Pledge Card.

Print a copy of the Pledge Card once it is completed, as a reminder of your Pledge. The Pledge Card is your estimate of giving for the year 2020. It is not the transfer of funds.



Saturday 5pm – Evening Prayer

Sunday 8am– Morning Prayer
Sunday 10am- Morning Prayer with music

Thursday 12pm – Healing Holy Eucharist Service


Sunday, July 5th, 2020

Dear Friends:

On this warm summer Sunday morning, as most of us have been enjoying a relaxing holiday weekend, I invite you to join me in taking a few moments to remember those in our world who are still dealing with the fallout from the corona virus.

Although our area seems to be doing reasonably well, we continue to see the rate of infections rising at alarming rates in other areas of the country.

Thousands of our brothers and sisters are ill, thousands more are slowly recovering while tens of thousands nationwide are facing life without loved ones, without jobs and without food for their families.

Equally distressing is the ongoing turmoil and civil unrest that seems to have gripped much of the country.

So, as we continue to celebrate the birth of our nation and all the freedoms we are privileged to enjoy, we pray for those who are suffering and of course for those who are less fortunate.

For today's online service, click here:
5th Sunday After Pentecost, July 5th, 2020

For this week's worship service aids, click here:
5th Sunday After Pentecost Bulletin, July 5th, 2020

Continued blessings,
Cn. Richard+



We are always, and desperately, in need of prayer shawls.

You don't need to attend meetings, but if you enjoy knitting or crocheting, we would love to have you join our team!

Please contact Sue Seel for additional (and delivery) information: T: 631.312.4204


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