Caroline Church Core Activities




Dear Friends,

Caroline Church, one of the four colonial parishes in the Diocese of Long Island, predates the separate existence of the United States by fifty years.  Over the centuries many men, women and children have found comfort and solace within this faith community, worshipping Our Lord in this second oldest Episcopal Church in continuous use.

Our parish attracts people who are seeking a warm and exciting community of faith where their own lives can be enriched and fashioned by God's grace.  Traditional in worship with a blend of the contemporary style, we lift up one another in love, grace, and respect bound together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Out of our worship flow our various ministries that you will read about in the enclosed folder.  Young people are a top priority at Caroline church, as reflected in our Sunday program, Vacation Bible School and youth programs for junior and senior high students.

Preaching and teaching are central to our common life.  Caroline Church is committed to historic, biblical teaching which exalts Our Lord Jesus Christ and makes practical Christian living the goal of each of our members.

Caroline church is a parish grateful for its past, committed to its present, and excited about its future - Come join us.

In the service of Christ,

Fr. Richard Visconti, Rector



We are pleased to offer an extensive education program for all ages at Caroline Church.

Our Sunday School (for infants through Grade 12) meets from 10:00 a.m. until 10:50 a.m. each Sunday in the Marco C. Smith Building. We are blessed with a caring and competent staff of teachers and assistants, as well as a music ministry and a Church School Director.

The curriculum is age appropriate and carefully chosen from the hundreds available. We do not use a single curriculum throughout, but through constant re-evaluation, choose the best available for each age level. Infants through age three years are cared for in a clean and well-equipped nursery where Bible stories, as well as other appropriate stories, are read.

There is a special worship service each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. for pre-Kindergarten through second grade held in the Marco C. Smith Building. The service consists of scripture, prayer, songs, and a short homily. We also have special seasonal services specifically for our young people. Our Sunday School presents a musical Christmas pageant on the fourth Sunday of Advent each year.

We have a Caroline Youth Group. Students in grades 6-12 are invited to join the Youth Group. The focus of this group is to promote fellowship and community service.  Through active participation in outreach projects and great social events, the members have an opportunity to build and strengthen their Christian ties. 

Adult Education provides another opportunity to participate in the life of the Church, and grow in the knowledge and love of God.  The Adult Education program encourages reflection on the Christian journey, supports us in our spiritual growth, and strengthens us to better serve the Lord.  Four or five topics are offered annually, and include lectures, book studies, videos, discussions, and at times, site visits. 

On the third Sunday of the month, the Caroline Book Group meets to discuss the works of Christian authors past and present. Also on the third Friday of the month, the Theophilus Healing Mission holds a book study and teaching in the areas of Christian healing. On the second Saturdays, the Brotherhood of St. Andrew studies the Bible, and contemporary and traditional works that impact men in the Church today.

Two ongoing Bible Studies (The Monday Evening Bible Study and Exploring the Word Bible Study) on Monday evenings provide parishioners and friends with an opportunity to dig deeper into the riches of Holy Scripture.



Acolytes and Crucifers:
These are young people, grade five and above, who serve the celebrant at all our services. The Rector trains those interested and assigns them on a rotating schedule.

Bible Studies:
We have two regularly scheduled Bible study groups. The Monday Evening Bible Study meets each Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. in the Upper Room of the Parish House. The Exploring the Word Bible Study meets in the MCS building every other Monday evening at 6:45 p.m. This Bible Study group studies a different book of the Bible every few months.  These studies are led by dedicated, experienced laypersons and presented in a lively discussion format. All are welcome to join either group.

Brotherhood of St. Andrew:
This is a national organization of men and boys who meet the second Saturday of each month at 8:00 a.m. They attend a Eucharist together, and then over a light breakfast they discuss a work by a contemporary Christian author. The Brotherhood prays each day for the people on the Parish prayer list, and they maintain a regular prayer chain. The Brotherhood has several service projects, including overseeing Sunday coffee hour, the Lenten Women's and Girls' Corporate Communion and Breakfast, the annual Barn Sale, help as part of the tidy up teams, help at the Summer Fair and assist with the Youth Group. They gather for the Advent Men's and Boys' Corporate Communion and Breakfast, and hold an annual men's retreat. All men of the Parish and boys sixteen and older are welcome.

Caroline Altar Guild:
This group of women, appointed by the Rector, cares for the altar and arranges flowers. They meet with the Rector periodically to discuss the needs and procedures for preparing the altar and presenting the gifts at services. The Junior Altar Guild, a group of youngsters sixth grade and above, takes care of the children's altar for the Church School worship service in the Marco C. Smith Building.

Caroline Cares...Campus Ministry:
This ministry reaches out to the young people of our Church who are attending high school or college away from home.  The Parish family lovingly provides care packages for our students each fall and spring.  Messages of support and care are included in each package.




The Caroline Church is an Episcopal Church, a part of the Diocese of Long Island, The Episcopal Church of the United States and the world-wide Anglican Communion. We are by rite and theology fully catholic and fully reformed. We focus on scripture, tradition, and reason as our guide. The ancient creeds, Apostles, Nicene, and Athanasian, describe our statement of faith. We are always glad to answer any inquiries you might have, and the Rector has meetings for those wishing to seek membership in this Church.

Our worship follows the American Book of Common Prayer (1979). The hymns at our regular services are usually taken from the 1982 Hymnal.


  8:00 a.m.     Holy Eucharist
9:30 a.m.     Family Service: Holy Eucharist and Sunday School
  5:00 p.m.    Holy Eucharist
  12:00 p.m.   Healing Holy Eucharist

Summer Schedule:

Saturdays 5:00 p.m.  Holy Eucharist
Sundays    8:00 p.m.  Holy Eucharist
Sundays  10:00 p.m.  Holy Eucharist: Family Service


Partners with God
Christian stewardship is our commitment to nurture the gifts that God has so generously given us and to use them for His glory.  The gifts of our individual time, talent, and treasure as well as our combined time, talents, and treasure of Caroline Church are ours to lovingly steward through the teachings of Jesus.  As members of Caroline Church, we know that Jesus is the "head" and we are the "body of Christ," and we are charged to take good care of that "body" so that it not only continues to live but to grow more healthy in joyfully doing God's work.

Regular Commitment
The programs of the Church, as well as the maintenance of our beautiful and historic buildings, require the regular support of each of us, as God has provided our means. You are asked to make Caroline Church a regular part of your weekly budget. Envelopes are available for both adults and young people who desire them.

Special Giving
Altar Flowers - The flowers on the altar each Sunday are given in thanksgiving or remembrance of a special person or event in our lives. The Parish Office notes the memorial or thanksgiving and the donor's name in the weekly bulletin.
Sanctuary Candle - The Sanctuary Light burns before the ambry in honor of the Blessed Sacrament contained therein. It may also be given as a gift of remembrance or in thanksgiving.
Remembrance Fund - This fund was established as an ongoing investment allowing the interest derived there from to be used for Church needs. A Book of Remembrance is maintained by the Altar Guild, and contains the remembrances and thanksgivings received by this fund.
Building Fund - Maintaining wooden buildings of the age and complexity of Caroline Church requires constant vigilance and care. We maintain funds for the care and improvement of our buildings.
Churchyard Fund- Used to maintain and improve the grounds of our property, which includes the grounds of the Rectory, Rookery, the parking lot, the graveyard and the Village Green.
Operating Fund - Consists of the main checking account, which is used to pay most current expenses, and an investment account, which allows us to earn interest and dividends.


Reaching Our Five-Year Goals  

Vestry Committee Report
Town Hall Meeting #1 June 2019

June 17, 2019

Dear Parishioners

As we set out on our journey to strengthen our church finances and ministries, it is important for us to have a unified approach.  An approach that can create a vision to solve dilemmas, grow conversations, open opportunities, and create a focus that will allow our church to reach future successes.

On the following pages, we have listed our 5-Year Goals, strategies for reaching each goal, along with accomplishments reported to date.  It is our intention to measure and report each step of our progress.  We believe if we focus on these goals it will strengthen our ministries and church overall.

We encourage all parishioners to join one of the various committees listed in this booklet.  The Vestry cannot obtain the success we envision without your help.  Therefore, please read over the various ministries we have listed and decide how you can contribute to help us reach our goals to better serve the Lord and our church.

Planning and Evaluation Committee

Committees of the Vestry 2019

 Senior Warden -  Mark LaSorsa, Junior Warden -  Barbara Russell, Treasurer -  Bruce Cash, Assistant Treasurer -  Mark LaSorsa, Clerk of the Vestry -  Barbara Russell, Assistant Clerk of the Vestry -  Maureen Reyes, Chancellor -  Ed Vitale, Esq.

Budget & Finance – is responsible for all the financial affairs of the church excepting only those responsibilities specifically assigned by our By-Laws to the Investment Committee.
Chair: Bruce Cash 631-751-3541

Investment– is responsible for formulating and submitting to the Vestry all manner of recommendations pertaining to the investment of the funds of Caroline Church.
Chair: Dan Rowe 631-474-0553

Stewardship and Planned Giving - is responsible for overseeing the yearly financial stewardship effort for our parish, encouraging the congregation to do Planned Giving and developing a year-round comprehensive stewardship teaching.
Chair: Jean Sobalvarro 631-689-3678

Buildings & Grounds – is in charge of maintenance, improvement, safety and insurance of all buildings belonging to Caroline Church, and is in charge of the maintenance of the Churchyard, grounds and Village Green.  This committee also recommends churchyard plot assignments and proposed monuments and processes requests for use of the Village Green. The Committee also makes recommendations to the vestry for use of our facilities by community groups and coordinates the use of our buildings by all internal and external groups.
Chair:  Barbara Russell 631-689-9343   

Christian Education for children, youth and adults - Plans and provides for the Christian Education and spiritual development of our children, youth and adults.
Chair:  Maritza Groth (Adult Christian Formation) 631-941-1304
Chair: Maureen Reyes (Children & Youth) 631-751-2919

Fundraising - is responsible for developing initiatives and overseeing efforts by other parish groups that will have a positive impact on increasing the revenue side of our parish budget.
Chair:  Mark LaSorsa 631-609-0993

Membership - The Membership committee is responsible for attracting prospective parishioners for membership in Caroline Church, to insure the retention of current members, and to help the parish achieve steady and healthy growth.  The committee's purpose is to promote a spirit of fellowship and hospitality among visitors, friends, and parishioners through community outreach. One goal would be to organize and implement an effective program to encourage new members, to retain current members, increase attendance and integrate new members into the life of our faith community. The committee would also develop and maintain a comprehensive marketing and publicity plan that uses a wide variety of social media.
Chairs:  Bruce Cash 631-751-3541

Planning and Evaluation -  Develops and monitors the long-term vision, mission, goals and objectives of our parish. 
Co-Chairs:  Don Muffly 631-689-8804, Nick Amato 631-751-1297

Parish Fellowship – Is a social committee promoting community by hosting several family oriented events throughout the year.
Chair:  Bruce Cash: 631-751-3541

Parish Historical and Cultural Artifacts Commission -  is responsible to collect, inventory, preserve, store and display various pieces of art, drawings, pictures, furniture and other objects that have an historical or religious connection to Caroline Church.
Chair:  Marcia Seaman 631-751-3129

Committee Reports

Goal # 1

Balanced Budget to 2021:
The parishioners, led by the Vestry, will take all necessary steps to ensure that by 2021 Caroline Church will have a balanced budget.  This means we will be able to maintain the ministries and salaries of our personnel from income generated by pledges, plate offerings, rental, interest/dividends from endowments, and increases in endowment investments, but not from principal of endowment. Bruce Cash Chairperson, Bill Harvey

  1. Strategy for Implementation

This Goal will involve the overall finances of the church: raising money to support the ministry we are doing and future ministries, budgeting, monitoring expenditures, all with the goal of having a balanced budget as defined in the goal.  This task will be shared with the Stewardship Committee, Fundraising Committee, Investment Committee, and Finance & Budget Committee. All of whom report their activity to the vestry.   

  1. Progress to Date
  1. Estimated giving meets our monthly and quarterly planning year to date 
  2. Our expenses are generally in line with current projected expenses.
  3. Currently our Operating budget gap remains at $200k
  4. Explain operating budget vs. regular expenses (i.e., snow removal, maintenance projects)
  1. Next Scheduled Meeting  

Meetings are conducted on an on-going basis.  Times and dates are determined by members.  Parishioners are encouraged to join the Stewardship and Fundraising committees. To do so, please call the committee chairs listed in the beginning of this booklet.   

Goal # 2

Membership Drive:
Beginning in 2017 the Vestry will devise and implement a yearly membership drive to attract new families to join Caroline Church as their place of worship. Such drive shall highlight the Church School Program, and our ministries.  A twenty (20) percent increase per year to be expected by 2021. Bruce Cash Chairperson, Maureen Reyes, Nick Amato, Frank Wieland. 

  1. Strategy for Implementation

To increase the membership of the church.

  1. Progress to Date

Various suggestions have been introduced and entertained by the committee.  Such ideas include the use of Social Media, Public Relations, Mentoring Program for Newcomers, Fellowship and joint activities with community churches and organizations.  These ideas, along with parishioner’s suggestions will be entertained.  

  1. Next Scheduled Meeting

Meetings are conducted on an on-going basis.  Times and dates are determined by members.  Parishioners are encouraged to join this committee. To do so, please call the committee chair listed in the beginning of this booklet. 

 Goal # 3

Public Relations:
Planning for increased public relations over the next five years must begin immediately.  Every attempt must be made to invite and include community participation in all the events held at Caroline Church.  Internet services such as the “The Patch”, “Facebook” and “Twitter” should be used consistently.  The Committees of the Parish Fellowship, Hospitality, Public Relations, Music, Adult Education, and Community service will together plan and coordinate all events.  A person well versed in marketing is suggested. All Committee Chairs

  1. Strategy for Implementation  
  1. Utilize all media, technology and hardcopy, to advertise all activities, events and information related to church matters.
  1. Progress to Date 
  1. I feel we have a successful web site and Facebook page, and Triumf will be keeping these up to date.  The Carillon is also successful, but an email reminder to read it when it is posted helps.    We have cut back on newspaper advertising, except for our Sunday schedule, due to the high cost of paper ads.
  2. New Signs were utilized for the Setauket Country Fair.  Those signs were larger than normal and were supplemented with lawn signs.
  3. An Annual Town Hall meeting was scheduled for June 18, 2017 to update all parishioners with matters related to the church (financial, events, future planes, and 5 Year Goals. 
  1. Next Scheduled Meeting

Meetings are conducted on an on-going basis.  Times and dates are determined by members.  Parishioners are encouraged to join this committee. To do so, please call the committee chair listed in the beginning of this booklet. 

 Goal # 4

Planned Giving:
The Stewardship Committee will develop a “Planned Giving Brochure” to be provided to all parishioners. Articles on Planned Giving will be a regular item in “The Carillon.” Jean Sobalvarro Chairperson, Mark LaSorsa, Bruce Cash

  1. Strategy for Implementation

 The Committee will investigate a variety of ways parishioners or anyone else can create a gift to our parish using whatever resources, funds or property the donor has accumulated. Planned Giving could be gifts given to the parish from someone’s will, pooled income funds, charitable gift annuities, or charitable remainder trusts, etc. This information will be provided to the parish.

  1. Progress to Date

At the present time, plans are being made for the upcoming Stewardship Campaign.  A Stewardship Chair is being discussed and all parishioners are welcomed to volunteer on this vital committee. Articles will be written in the Carillon to publicize these ideas.
  1. Next Scheduled Meeting

Meetings are conducted on an on-going basis.  Times and dates are determined by members.  Parishioners are encouraged to join this committee. To do so, please call the committee chair listed in the beginning of this booklet. 

   Goal # 5

Assistant Rector:
If the budget reaches financial stability, as determined by the Vestry, the hiring of an Assistant to the Rector will be considered.  All budgetary personnel consideration must be approved by the Vestry.  Mark LaSorsa, Barbara Russell, Canon Visconti

  1. Strategy for Implementation

First achieve a degree of financial stability.  When this has been reached use diocesan resources for clergy deployment to assess the availability of part-time Clergy assistance for Caroline Church.  A part-time assistant rector job description should be in place when hiring is on the horizon.

  1. Progress to Date

Encouraged continued financial growth and stability while working on the rest of the Five-Year Goals.

  1. Next Scheduled Meeting

There is no committee for this goal.  Vestry and the Canon will determine the appropriate time for the goal to be accomplished.       

Goal # 6

The Rookery: The Buildings & Grounds Committee will define, and be prepared to implement a comprehensive plan for the property known as “The Rookery.” Barbara Russell, Bill Harvey, Fred Johansen, Peter Baigent, Frank Wieland

  1. Strategy for Implementation

At this time, there is no need for the Rookery property, and the building is unusable.  A need or non-need must be recognized in the Long-Term plan.

  1. Progress to Date

There is an interested party in purchasing the property, and the party has met twice with the Vestry.  A professional has been requested to provide a current appraisal 

  1. Next Scheduled Meeting

Upon receiving the appraisal for the property.      

  Goal # 7

Parishioner Mentor Plan:
A Parishioner Mentor Plan will be in place to provide the information necessary to know when parishioner attendance lags they may be contacted.  A Parishioner Partner Program will be developed for all newcomers to the parish. Bruce Cash Chairperson, Nick Amato, Frank Wieland, Maureen Reyes 

  1. Strategy for Implementation

Newcomers need assistance in meeting parishioners, attending events, understanding church practices and getting involved with related church activities.  To assist Newcomers with their transition to the church, the Membership Committee will establish a Mentor Program  

  1. Progress to Date

In September, a listing of Newcomers will be generated and those names will be paired with volunteer parishioners.   

  1. Next Scheduled Meeting

To initiate the program, in early September 2017, Mentor Volunteers and Newcomers will be invited to a social gathering.  All parishioners are welcomed to serve as mentors and on this committee.



Acolytes and Crucifers The Rector 941-4245
Lay Director Duy Nguyen 675-6169
Adult Education Sue Seel 689-0683
Bible Study/Home Wayne Johnson 751-7913
Adult Inquirers The Rector 941-4245
Altar Flowers Parish Office 941-4245
Bible Study/Church Sue Seel, Spencer Edelbaum 689-0683
Baptism The Rector 941-4245
Brotherhood of St. Andrew Nick Amato 941-3079
Caring for the Caregiver Virginia Cash 428-0902
Caroline Book Group Al Galoway 473-3767
Caroline Cares-Campus Ministries Jackie Hull 474-5393
Caroline Church School Jana Visconti 941-0280
Caroline Guild Bobbi Wimmel 331-3514
Youth Group Youth Formation Team 941-4245
Chalice Admin/Lay Readers The Rector 941-4245
Choir – Senior, Choirmaster Kalina Mrmevska 941-0280
Choir – Joyful Noise Jr. Choir Kalina Mrmevska 941-0280
Episcopal Church Women Barbara Jones 751-8809
Food Delivery Barbara Russell 689-9434
Grief Support Group Don Muffly 689-8804
Hospital Visitation Ministry The Rector 941-4245
Newcomers Ministry Maureen Reyes 751-8337
Parish Office Catherine Horgan 941-4245
Prayer Ministry Chris Muffly 689-8804
Sonshine Ministries Diane Johnson 751-3658
Soup Kitchen Coordinators Ginny Apmann 751-0299
Theophilus Healing Mission Ginny Apmann 751-0299
Ushers Gary Mis 689-1210
Vestry (Senior Warden) Mark LaSorsa 609-0993
History & Artifacts Commission The Convenor, Marcia Seaman 751-3700
Weddings The Rector 941-4245
Web, Media & Digital Services Webmaster (T.Q.) 697-0033