Parishioner's Scrapbook

An old post card submitted by Dave Elling. While undated, the other side instructs the sender to "Place stamp here: Domestic one cent; foreign two cents"  (that rate was in effect from 1926-1952). Another clue as to age: the parish house seems to be attached to the main church (it was separated during the 1937 renovations).
Sue Camenzuli found this photo while cleaning out closets in the church. Apparently from some photos kept by Mrs. Mount (the Church School Superintendent in the '60s and 70's), Sue is fairly sure it was taken Easter of 1972 or 1973, because that's her in the front row with the purple dress!

1994 All Hallows Eve party
The church altar (left) and the church school altar in the Parish House (right), both taken before the 1937 renovation.
Some shots of the Marco C. Smith Building renovation in 1989
An undated shot of The Reverend Canon Paul Forsyth Wancura, Rector Emeritus
The Epiphany Ball, 1999
In 1998 our younger people enjoyed serving in the Junior Altar Guild, raking leaves, and being served at the SERF picnic in September
A younger (but still distinguished-looking!) Al Meyer placing flags in the cemetary at Memorial Day (undated)