Caroline Church Historic and Cultural Artifacts Commission

Marcia Seaman, Convenor


Mission Statement

The purpose of the commission is to celebrate and preserve the history of Caroline Church of Brookhaven; to educate and engage the community and to assure that the historic legacy is passed on to future generations.


The Beginning

In 2008 it was felt that many of the artifacts and documents relating to the long history of Caroline Church of Brookhaven were in disarray and not being preserved or organized in an appropriate manner. 

A Commission was formed to address issues relating to the recording and archiving of the many historic items in the possession of the Church. Designated the Historic and Cultural Artifacts Commission, a group of parishioners lead by Albert Meyer began to digitize and archive centuries worth of documents, portraits and artifacts.


The practice continues today as archivists painstakingly chronicle data relating to the size, type, condition, date and description of a multitude of significant church records. Each item is given a unique identification number and location designation. Subsequent to the actual measuring, examining, and  photographing or scanning of the artifact or document the data is entered into  a searchable data base; the ultimate goal being to make the  vast amount of historic information accessible and user friendly while preserving the integrity of fragile and irreplaceable artifacts.  The Commission, to date, has archived and digitized documents and artifacts relating to Caroline Church history dating from the 18th century to the present day. Many objects of interest have received additional research and scrutiny with the goal of expanding on the origins, attributions and sources of the historical records.


The Future

A History Center highlighting many of the historic people and events which color the tapestry of the Church history has been established. A Rector’s Gallery, a Timeline of Events and various antique object d’art  are on display in the History Center; over time various exhibits will be presented as well contributions from youth of the parish.

The Commission continues to add to the data base and research various significant times in Church history. There is an on-going project to discover portraits of early rectors to add to and expand the Gallery which currently displays twelve Pastors who served the Church. 

Youth of the Church are encouraged to contribute their own genealogies to be displayed as part of the Family Tree of Caroline and a Hands-on-History exhibit invites youth to “fill-in-the-blanks” of a fragmented document from 1729 with their own ideas of the story line.

For additional information, contact Marcia Seaman, convenor, as listed on the contacts page of this website.