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We have two main lists:

First, a Special Announcement List. This is used sparingly, and mainly for important announcements that just can't wait. The most common example is to let you know of the passing of a parishioner or family member, with funeral arrangements.

Second, a (more or less) weekly e-mail Blasts (E-Blasts), listing events for the upcoming weekend and week following.

While we would like full participation, we understand that some may not want a weekly message. We encourage all parishioners to join the Special Announcement List.

The "Caroline Church E-mail List" is not the same as the "Prayer Chain List." Persons wishing to be placed on the Prayer Chain List should notify Claire Mis. Members of the Prayer Chain List receive e-mail concerning persons who are ill, in crisis, or otherwise requesting prayers from the list members. Anyone wishing to join the prayer list (or request prayer) should contact Claire by clicking the link in this paragraph.

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You will then be added to our list, but may unsubscribe at any time.


We are pleased to announce that as a result of a recent change to our in-house e-mail system, it’s now easier than ever to join our Special Announcement and/or weekly E-Blasts, so you can receive regular notices from Cn. Richard about important and time sensitive matters.

If you previously signed up to receive our E-Blasts, your name and email address have automatically been transferred to our new system and you should have received emails regarding on-line services which began on March 19,2020.

If we have your current email in our directory, we will add you to the E-Blasts.

Of course, if you prefer not to receive E-blasts, please let us know and we will remove your name immediately.

If you had not previously signed up to receive our E-Blasts but would like to be added to the list now, please contact our parish administrator, Catherine Horgan, by filling out the form below:

First name(s):
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She now has the ability to add names to the list: with options of adding you to Special Announcement List and/or weekly E-Blasts. If you have technical issues with the form, you can email at office(at), instead of using the form.

Please feel free to share this great news with other parishioners who you may know and have expressed an interest in receiving news from Caroline Church.

Please be aware that during the COVID 19 public health emergency, our email list is the way in which we will send out information on how to view our weekend and Easter liturgies.